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Research Team


Thomas A. Bishop
Thomas Bishop

As the director of the Center, Dr. Bishop leads the NCACI team in formulating and executing the Center's research projects. He is also responsible for the day to day management of the Center's activities. He is an associate professor in the Department of Statistics and has more than 35 years of experience in consulting, teaching and research.

Formerly he was the manager of the Applied Statistics and Computer Applications Section at the Battelle Columbus Laboratories.

He currently teaches graduate level courses on statistical consulting, the design of experiments, regression analysis and the role of statistical theory and methods within the context of the scientific discovery process.

Mike McCaslin
Executive in Residence
Mike McCaslin

As the Executive in Residence, Dr. McCaslin is a lead liaison between Nationwide and the Center research activities. He is a Data Science consultant on the Customer Analytics team in Nationwide to fully leverage the insights and findings from the Center in supporting Nationwide management decision making and improving business performance.

Prior to joining Nationwide, Mike was a former Graduate Research Associate with the Center during his time studying for his PhD at OSU.

Mike earned a doctorate in Psychology from The Ohio State University.

Christopher Holloman
Statistical Specialist
Christopher Holloman

As the statistical specialist of the center, Dr. Holloman is responsible for providing guidance on statistical modeling strategy, building statistical models and researching current statistical practices for solving marketing research problems.

In addition to his role at the NCACI, he is the current director of Ohio State's Statistical Consulting Service and is an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics.

Dr. Holloman has five years of statistical consulting experience, which includes working as a research scientist at Battelle Columbus Laboratories, as a market segmentation specialist at Chase Home Finance and as a research collaborator on many grants and projects at Ohio State.

Tim Welch
Administrative Associate
Tim Welch

As administrator of the center, he is in charge of all human resources and financial functions. He has bachelor's degrees in Biology and Psychology. He has extensive office management work experience and taught classes on Microsoft Office and Office Management for more than five years at a community college.




NCACI Graduate Students

Craig Maas
Graduate Research Associate, Fisher College of Business
Craig Maas

Craig Maas is a 2nd year MBA student in the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. He is currently pursuing a Strategy and Analytics specialty from the college. Craig has spent time at Nationwide Insurance and Westfield Insurance in the analytics field.

Prior to coming back to school, Craig worked in the post-recession mortgage industry at JPMorgan Chase and Quicken Loans.

Chengjun Hou
Graduate Research Associate, Department of Integrated Systems Engineering
Chengjun Hou

Chengjun (CJ) Hou was born in China, where he completed his undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, before moving to the United States to pursue a Ph.D. in Operations Research at the Ohio State University. Operations Research focuses on systems modeling and optimization.

While at OSU, Chengjun served as an operational analyst during his recent internship with NetJets. Already, Chengjun has published articles in Mechanical Engineer and Measurement Technique; plus, he has received several patents, one of which was in Cell Phone Shape Design Based on Ergonomics.

During the last academic year working in the NCACI center, Chengjun Hou applied statistics and information technology to solve Nationwide projects concerning text analytics. Also, Chengjun is reviewing and validating some research topic for example customer contact strategy and error bar application. In the mean time, Chengjun is working on a paper relating the information flow in project management.

John Lewis
Graduate Research Associate, Deptartment of Statistics
John Lewis

John Lewis is a 5th year graduate student in the Department of Statistics. He has been a GRA with the Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights for three years. His most recent projects at the center include using text mining capabilities to help increase the number of subrogation opportunities Nationwide is capable of identifying, as well as various educational projects resulting in R software tutorials designed for Nationwide Associates.

For his Ph.D. work he is developing a method which seeks to blend Bayesian methods with classical robust estimation methods. The work his joint advisors, Yoonkyung Lee and Steven MacEachern. Specifically, they seek to form posterior distributions conditioned on non-sufficient robust summaries of the data as opposed to the entire data, with the goal of achieving inference which is robust to model misspecification.

Before coming to graduate school at Ohio State, he taught high school mathematics in Louisville, Kentucky.

Lily Liaw
Graduate Research Associate, Department of Statistics
Lily Liaw

Lily is a graduate student in the Statistics Department at OSU. She is interested in classification problems, modeling socio-psychological behavior, and complexity. Lily is also a linguist, specializing in speech perception and experimental phonology. nd the thought processes and behavior of its customers.