Open Enrollment Programs

Fisher College of Business Executive Education at Ohio State University partners with leading companies across the world.  Our global partnerships have enabled us to develop cutting-edge learning experiences for all business professionals, from managers to the executive board room.

Get started by selecting an Executive Education option below with Ohio State’s world-class Fisher faculty and industry experts.

Finance and Accounting

Financial responsibility is highly valued in today’s business world; develop your financial proficiency to make more sound fiscal decisions.  Fisher Executive Education finance and accounting topics include: discussion of investment, time value of money, financial markets, financial institutions, risk and return, cost measurement, managerial decision making and evaluation.

General Management

Strengthen your core competencies – select from these offerings to increase your knowledge in various aspects of business.  Ohio State’s business expertise in general management programs includes principles and skills in business planning, organizing, directing, and innovating.


Learn skills that will promote your leadership effectiveness and potential: influence of power, leadership accountability, management functions and principles, team building techniques, motivation methods and conflict management.  

Marketing and Sales

Leverage customer insights to create successful marketing strategies, increase sales or build your brand.

Operational Excellence

Implement process improvements, in an accelerated and cost effective manner, to increase organizational strategic competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Management

Learn the essential processes of supply chain management and how to implement them within your organization.