Master of Business Logistics Engineering

One of only a few similar programs at top universities in the country, the Master of Business Logistics Engineering (MBLE) is designed to enable you to enter the job market equally comfortable with logistics strategy, the management of logistics operations, and engineering tasks such as facility design and implementation of logistics technology. Purposely keeping the program size small and selective, we recruit the finest students and attract some of the most sought-after career opportunities in the country.

The MBLE program allows you to go beyond the classroom by providing solutions to logistics-related problems for major companies though two field study courses. Student teams have recently designed solutions for Honda, Whirlpool, Chiquita, Agilent, ODW, FedEx and Schlumberger. 

The application window for the Autumn 2016 cohort is now open!

Scholarships Available!

We are proud to announce the availability of a one-time, on-enrollment $6,000 MBLE scholarship for qualified students holding U.S. citizenship or residency status.

Learn more about the scholarship, and contact the MBLE Program Director.

Graduate Admissions Test Exception (GATE) Program

We are proud to announce the addition of the GATE program for current students of The Ohio State University, as well as its recent graduates. GMAT and GRE scores may not be required for eligible students.

 Learn more about the GATE Program and requirements. 

Learn in a Logistics HubSTEM-OPT Certified

Centrally located in one of America's biggest cities, Columbus, Ohio is a transportation, distribution and logistics hub.

Master of Business Logistics Engineering students have the opportunity to work with major companies to help solve actual business challenges. Learn More

The Master of Business Logistics Engineering program has qualified as a STEM optional practical training (OPT) degree.

International MBLE students are eligible to work in the United States for up to 29 months after graduation. Learn More



Points of Pride

  • Ohio State's MBLE degree is offered jointly between the College of Engineering and Fisher College of Business.