Fisher Real Estate Society

The Fisher Real Estate Society (FRES) serves primarily for two purposes.  First, the organization is a social network for those students interested in the field of real estate.  Through our events, students are able to interact with fellow Fisher students who are interested in real estate as well as with industry leaders.  We host a variety of events from panel discussions to lunch Q&A sessions that feature industry professionals and their work.  Additionally, the organization partners with the OSU Center for Real Estate and local industry groups, including NAIOP and ULI to co-host events and bring our communities together.

Our second mission, also accomplished by these events, is to broaden the MBA real estate education beyond the classroom.  To supplement principles and concepts learned in class, FRES hosts guest speakers to talk in greater depth about the real estate industry.  Guest lectures have included topics such as the effects of the 2008 financial crisis, how to conduct a proper pro forma (financial) analysis, and the process behind development project management. 

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